About Letterpress Post

Before email came along, handwritten letters were the most common form of communication. People were excited to see what the postman delivered each day. But these days our mailboxes are usually just full of bills and junk mail. Finding a card or letter among the credit card offers is a rare delight.

Letterpress Post wants to revive handwritten communication and make mail exciting again. It combines real digital handwriting with hand printed letterpress cards, making it easy to send beautiful, high-quality snail mail.

Simply select a card, type your note and envelope in one of the six handwriting selections, and check out. You can send as many or as few cards as you like at one time.

No need to worry about last minute trips to the stationery store or post office. Letterpress Post prints, stamps and mails your notes within two business days.

Sending a handwritten card has never been easier. Let’s make mail exciting again!